Wooden Ships at Saugatuck Reservoir

We read online that if we wore our cutest sweaters and cool pairs of sunglasses near a beautiful body of water and did a special warm-weather dance, the sun would come out and spring would appear. Worth a shot, right? 

Post sponsored by Wooden Ships and Pared 

Saugatuck Reservoir

Wooden Ships Sara Deep V-Top

Wooden Ships Easy Peasy 3/4 crewneck 

Wooden Ships Ciao V-Neck

Wooden Ships Star Crewneck 

Wooden Ships is THE place to get that perfect weight slouchy sweater that you will wear over and over again. Designer Paola Buendía and her husband, Mark Donovan, founded Wooden Ships in 1992 and have been creating this beautiful line ever since. Wooden Ships knitwear is produced in Bali where the couple resides (we plan to show up on their doorstep one day and say hi!). Everything is ethically produced with an aim to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Good stuff!

Take a browse through the full collection here.

Pared Eyewear

“Pared” sunnies do not get any cooler. Everyone will be asking you where you got your shades – don’t say we didn’t warn you. Another couple-run business; read all about Samantha Stevenson and Edward Baker here. Based in Sydney, Australia, it’s no surprise that their sunglasses are as chic and unique as you will have seen in a long time! Worn by Katy Perry, Naomi Watts, and all the best bloggers 😉. Browse the collection here. Our friend Gina from Fairfield County based Pigment Group, is the fabulous brand consultant to Pared!

Saugatuck Universal Access Trail

Look what we did!! The wind stopped howling (it was soooo windy the day we shot this post!) and the sun appeared. White witches we are 😉

And look! We made it to the Wooden Ships website…thank you Paola!



Pics: Lora & Bev/Words: Bev

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