Interview with Daryl Hall at Daryl’s House

We recently had the opportunity to pop over the state line to visit Daryl’s House, a super duper live music venue and restaurant in Pawling, New York. Not only did we get to sample some of the new dishes they recently added to their menu, we got to sit with DARYL HALL!! We asked him a bunch of questions and ate a lot of good food. Thank you rockstar gods for granting us this O.M.G. life moment.

Daryl’s House Club

It began with Live from Daryl’s House, a show where Daryl Hall has musicians over to his home; they eat, they jam, and they broadcast the whole thing live. You’ve probably seen it, and if you haven’t, YouTube it, but be prepared to do nothing else for the rest of the day, you’ll be hooked.

Daryl built and opened Daryl’s House Club nearby his home in Pawling in 2014, so he could record the shows there, in a similar set up to his house. He also wanted to offer live music and good eating to the public. We’re so glad he did…it’s such a great place! We’ve both been a few times and have seen some of the best live shows there, including Howard Jones last year which was AWESOME!! Check out the calendar of upcoming shows and go catch some excellent live entertainment, while you wine and dine. Nothing better than that!

We can go for that. Ahhahhh 🎶 Yes, can do.🎶 That’s the only time we’ll attempt to weave Daryl Hall & John Oates song lyrics into this post. Promise. Continuing on…

Daryl Hall

Daryl Hall and John Oates have been recognized as the number-one selling duo in music history. Ponder that for a second…

Now, true story. When we told Daryl that we would both be recording the interview because, you know paranoia, and it’s best to have a backup, Daryl told us he completely understood the power of the duo. Did you hear that readers?? Daryl Hall likened Unlocking Litchfield/Fairfield, to the most successful duo ever! We die.

The interview…Unlocking style

Describe Daryl’s House to someone who’s never been.

Daryl’s House is a musical and culinary experience. You’re never away from the stage and the music no matter where you are. There’s no 4th wall in the theatrical term. The stage and the audience are one big thing. It’s a rustic and comfortable place, my version of what I like aesthetically.

Daryl’s House just celebrated 3 years – do you think you’ll ever expand to another “house” as this one has been so successful?

Yes! But not around here. I live in Charleston for part of the time, so I’m working on starting a second one down there. And then onward and upward. I think the next logical one would be Philadelphia at some point. Maybe the West Coast. I’d like to have about a dozen.

What’s your favorite dish to have here?

I have a lot of my own dishes on the menu, but my newest one is a lamb tagine. I cook Moroccan food, among other things. It’s my own recipe.  

Daryl’s special Moroccan lamb tagine

What are your most memorable moments in your career?

There are so many memorable moments. I remember the first time we played in Europe, that was a good memory. I remember stuff that I did with John in the 80s, like Live Aid, that was certainly memorable. A lot of these Daryl’s House shows are very memorable. There are a million moments.

Most rewarding part of doing Live from Daryl’s House?

Meeting people that I respected over the years, some of whom are friends and some of whom I met for the first time. We never know what’s going to happen. We don’t rehearse. What you see on TV, that’s it. We don’t sit around and bang this out. The band, they learn the songs, and they do their homework. Then, when we get together the cameras roll and that’s what you see.

How do you choose the guests on Live from Daryl’s House

All kinds of ways. Availability has a lot to do with it. I have a busy schedule like you wouldn’t believe, and all these people have their own busy schedules. So, it’s trying to coordinate all that and get them up to Pawling, NY!

What’s next for you – what’s coming up? 

I just got off tour, actually…I came back from England a couple of days ago. I have a couple of scattered dates between now and New Year’s Eve and then I’m going back into production for Live from Daryl’s House so I’ll be in this area for a while. I absolutely love doing that show. It’s the best thing that I ever did, really. Then I’ll be going back out on the road early spring.

The green room

Ready? It’s the rapid-fire-question round!

What are you doing on your best day? Reading a book.

Success is ….?  Being outrageously busy.

What posters did you have on your wall as a kid? The Temptations.

What websites do you have bookmarked/what do you read daily?  I don’t really read websites daily but house building supplies, that kind of stuff.

Guilty pleasure? I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, I think all pleasures are legitimate.

Name a skill or a talent you wish you had?! I wish I could put my creativity in a more linear way and write a book.

If you could have 3 guests to dinner, who would they be? Some of my ancestors, I’d like to meet them.

What’s in your rider? Anything like white roses or blue M&Ms??? Neither one of those. All kinds of strange things. Green tea, cheese, and certain Bourbons. That’s what I pay the most attention to.

When you’re not working or touring, what are you doing? Recovering. There’s very little downtime in my life. I go down to Charleston and I try to sit in the sun, or up here. Really I just chill out. That’s downtime for me.

What are you reading right now? 

I just finished reading an extraordinary book by a very close friend of mine, Bernard Cornwell, who is a wildly successful author. He’s the guy that wrote the stories that The Last Kingdom are based on. He’s written a historical novel about the origins of Shakespeare’s plays. It’s a really unique and good book and I recommend it. It’s called Fools and Mortals.

Food time!

Red and gold beet salad with goat cheese
Fried mozzarella wedges
Avocado stuffed with shrimp and garlic aioli
Seafood Fra Diavolo
Mahi Mahi over saffron sauce
Warm apple crumble

Real Daryl…
Wooden Daryl…

And that’s a wrap!

Daryl’s House Club

130 Route 22, Pawling, NY 12564


Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

33 comments on Interview with Daryl Hall at Daryl’s House

  • Debbie Maseth

    I love you show watch it all the time. Great artists.

  • Diane Duncan

    I really enjoyed reading this interview. Very different from the norm & very illuminating. Thank you for showing a side of Daryl that we don’t get to see.

    • Lora and Bev (author)

      You’re welcome! Thanks for the nice comment 🙂

      • Diane Duncan

        Love love the pictures!

        • Lora and Bev (author)

          Thank you!

  • Janet Paton

    Daryl, I am your biggest fan! I just recently moved from Virginia to Idaho and now live in Boise. It would be awesome if you would open a club in Boise. Boise is a very hip town. It has a very vibrant downtown area and lots of transplants from California, Oregon, and pretty much all over. Lots of old hippies and young hipsters who would totally dig your music. Being a bit isolated geographically, we’re hungry for bigger musical acts to play here.

    • Joan Watkins

      I’m happy he’s opening one where his new home is.

      • Patti Lassiter

        Sounds Wonderful❣️👍
        I wish it would be in Aiken, SC.
        We need a great place on the northside.

  • Joan Watkins

    That is one of the most down to earth and intimate interviews I have ever read with Daryl. You two deserve kudos! The pictures of Daryl, his food and restaurant were phenomenal! 👍👍👍

    • Lora and Bev (author)

      Thank you so much!

      • Joan Watkins

        You’re welcome! You’ve made very many fans extremely happy today! ❤❤❤

  • Cee Bradford DeZearn

    Impressive ladies ! Finally!,,, journalists who “get it” and know how to pull substance into an interview ! Especially with an icon such as Daryl Hall . Very intimate and quite sincere !

    • Lora and Bev (author)

      Thank you so much! We appreciate the comment! 🙂

  • Roy

    great interview… greetings from Holland.

  • Gisele Cott

    thank you so much for this surprising interview. I live about 2 miles away and go there a lot. and so glad that he likes to cook Moroccan. My mother is from Casablanca, French Morocco, a long time ago. If I knew he was going to be there, I probably would have been to shy to say anything. don;t like to intrude on people. mostly I go for the food and the customer service which is the best by far. someday I will stay up later for the music. never have been to the venue for music just the food for now.

  • Bill

    Great! finally to hear there will be more episodes of Livefromdarylshouse internet series.
    Been over a year since hearing anything about it’s fate.
    It’s clearly the finest live music show not only on the internet but also on TV and cable
    stations ever. Attempts at live shows seem so contrived. Where as Daryl your shows have been nothing but complete entertainment making the viewer feel they are in the room.
    Daryl, please leave notice on your site that more shows are on the way.All of your fans have been left to wonder if the best music show ever had come to and end.
    Oh your band is always made up of the finest musicians they and you could record the phone book and make it sound great.

  • Lillian

    A refreshing interview. You drew our his passions. I’m a kindred spirit of his: degree in history, Moroccan food, cats, and his amazing music. I love to read in my downtime. If only I could sit with him for a day and learn more. I do thank you for the great questions.

  • Dave

    I look forward to Live at Daryl’s House Club whenever it streams live on Facebook! I’d love to see a Live Stream schedule posted each month!

  • Betty Gordon

    outstanding interview ladies !! food looks delicious & i was NOT aware he had a restaurant! i’ve watched them eating before but i thought it was just in his home 😉

    DARYL, I’m happy to share this exciting news for all the tick-borne/lyme community nationwide & internationally of 28 patients filing a LAWSUIT AGAINST IDSA/HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES last week.

    The 53 detailed pages can be found here Daryl; please forward to any other celebrities having/had our diseases; huge thank you!!

    hope you are feeling as well as you can with our chronic lyme/co-infections. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you/your family and your talented band. keep up the good work.

    • Diane Burgess

      Keep up the good work and the shows. Just luv them. Hope u had a great Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday. Diane Burgess

  • Kevin

    Great interview, open and relaxed. Daryl Hall is a top top musician and soul pop rock artist
    whom I have seen live several times in the UK both with John and solo. Daryl’s house is great viewing too my favourites are with Smokey Robinson, Swim Johnnie Swim and Pat Monaghan. H2O are the finest. Kevin UK

  • Joanne, aka "Forever For Hall & Oates"

    Loved the interview…especially the rapid fire round! I also have seen/read many interviews with Daryl, and thought this one was unique…great job! We visited Daryl’s House last October (2016) hoping to see him there, but did not, except for wooden Daryl 🙂 The new food looks amazing, time for another trip out there! Hopefully the West Coast club will happen…Vancouver, B.C.!!!

  • Enid Pavlick

    All of m friends know that Daryl is my ‘fake boyfriend’. I have always love him, his voice, his show, and how he has grown as an artist and a man. I know this is silly for a 72 year old woman to think of Daryl as a ‘fake boyfriend’ but please leave me alone in my own little world. I did have the opportunity to see him in John in concert in Atlantic City. It was a recorded concert and I swear I can hear my scream when they sang Me and Mrs. Jones. That was when I lived in NJ. Now I live in Murrells Inlet and would love to go to Charleston to see him.

  • Tracie Luhman

    Great interview, ladies! My husband and I go to Daryl’s about twice a month- we love it there! It was so nice to read about his personal interests and some plans for the future.

    Awesome pictures, as usual! 🙂
    – Tracie (from Terston in Kent)

  • Pam

    Next door, please consider Rockville Maryland Strathmore Performing Arts Center. It’s much like the Durham Performing Arts Center that I saw you in maybe 7 or 8 years ago.

    I appreciate and enjoy your talent.

  • Dave

    Great story. Even better club. Why isn’t he playing New Years He cancelled last year!

  • Thomas Markel

    I love Live from Daryl’s House and Daryl Hall and have watching the show since day one and love it! Bev and Lora you have done one of the best and most thorough interviews/reviews of LFDH I have read. Thank you 2 so much for this!

    • Lora and Bev (author)

      Thank you!!

  • Jill Harth

    I think you asked really Great questions! I have been a huge fan and admirer of Daryl Hall and John Oates for years. The questions you asked were really different and I enjoyed reading it. I will be back to Daryl’s House again soon. It’s my favorite venue to enjoy great music.

  • Janis Carlow

    It is a great interview with Daryl Hall! Thank you for sharing! Daryl Hall is such a talented man! – music, writing songs, restoration of homes! We are so blessed n lucky that Daryl Hall ‘shares’ among us All. Thank you so much!!!!!

    • Lora and Bev (author)

      Thanks for your comments! 🙂

  • Ian Murphy

    Excellent interview ladies.
    Now that I know exactly where Daryl’s House is, I’ve recommended to my sister in New York.

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