About Us

Hello! We are Bev and Lora aka Unlocking Fairfield!

Some of you already know us from Unlocking Litchfield, our first blog. We’ve been “unlocking” Food, Fashion, Fitness, and Fun in Litchfield County since April 2015 and we’re having a blast doing it. Because one county isn’t enough for us (we can’t help ourselves) we bring you Unlocking Fairfield!

Meet the Writer – Beverley Canepari

Beverley brings a diverse background in the arts, leisure, and fitness. She loves discovering new places, things, and ideas so she’s always ready to take on the challenge of trying new experiences on behalf of our readers, while supporting great local businesses at the same time.

  • Food– Cheese, red wine, warm bread, baba ganoush.
  • Fashion– I love so many styles, I can’t pick one, nothing in my wardrobe goes together.
  • Fitness– Jazzercise – the workout that never gets old (plus I teach it!).
  • Fun– Blogging. Occasional gardener/farmer (as long as I don’t see a spider). Nashville. Nature. Audio books. Loud music. Buck’s Rock Camp.

Meet the Photographer – Lora Karam

Lora is an accomplished celebrity, events, and portrait photographer. Check out her site at www.lorakaram.com. Her work has been featured in OK! Magazine, US Weekly, Radar Online, Daily Mail (UK), Huffington Post, Style Network, and more!

  • Food – Cilantro and cake (not together). Coffee, California pinot noir and cabernet.
  • Fashion – A little Kate Moss, a little Milly, a little Manolo Blahnik.
  • Fitness – When Bev makes me. Just kidding, I love running, golf, and tennis.
  • Fun – Photography, animals, film noir, heels, finding the perfect shade of blonde, Labradorite, the color white.

Disclaimer: Bev was born and grew up in Scotland, therefore, anything she says or writes in a “different” way, or any grammatical errors, must be excused and put down to, “that must be how they say/do it in the UK.”

Photo by Fritz Photography